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Koki Holdings Co.,Ltd.

We were awarded the Good Design Award 2015 organized by Japan Institute of Design Promotion (JDP) for the following products.
We won our 26th Good Design Award.

  • Cordless Radio/Good Design Award
  • Assessments by the jury

    With a protector component that doubles as a handle for transportation, this product features a unique and eye-catching frame structure that expresses power and stability. Designed to ensure outstanding functionality and operability, the unit itself takes advantage of parts sharing for improved production efficiency. Optimized for use in a construction workplace environment, the unit has been recognized for its excellent design which is well thought out in terms of usability, as evidenced by large easy-to-operate buttons and a dust-proof smartphone storage function.
  • Cordless Circular Saws/Good Design Award
  • Assessments by the jury

    By making it possible to change the blade without the use of tools, this unit provides users with substantial savings in terms of both purchase cost and labor. When held in the hand, the unit's balance, stability and operability can be readily felt, demonstrating that the unit is designed to be outstanding not only in terms of economical features, but in performance and handling as well.