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CG23ECP(SL)(S) / CG23EC(SL)(S)

Grasstrimmer / Brushcutter

Higher output 0.7kW engine
CG23ECP / CG23EC Grasstrimmer / Brushcutter
  • Pure Fire

* In comparison with the CG22EAP2/CG22EAS grass trimmers/brush cutters.

  • Asymmetrical Bike Handles
Asymmetrical Bike Handles provide stress free operation and help to reduce fatigue.
(S) models only.
  • Tank Cover
Tank Cover protects the tank from fall damage.
  • Large Fuel Tank Capacity
Large fuel tank capacity for longer operation time. *
* In comparison with the CG22EAP2/CG22EAS grass trimmers/brush cutters. When operating the engine at the max. power output.
  • Hedge Trimmer Attachment
Hedge trimmer attachment available (sold separately).


Model CG23ECP(SL)
Engine Displacement 22.5mL (cc)
Spark Plug TORCH AC6RA (Compatible with NGK CMR6A)
Max. Power 0.7 kW
Fuel Tank Capacity 480 mL
Dimensions (L x W x H) 1,770 x 320 x 235 mm 1,770 x 630 x 395 mm
Dry Weight 4.9 kg 5.0 kg
Cutting Attachment Type Nylon Cord Metal Blade (255mm dia.)
Sound Pressure Level LpA
Equivalent * 99.6 dB (A) 96.7 dB (A)
Uncertainty 3 dB (A)
Sound Power Level LwA
Measured Racing 112 dB (A)
Guaranteed Racing 115 dB (A)
Vibration Level
(Front / Left Handle) *
6.6 m/s2 6.5 m/s2
(Rear / Right Handle) *
4.8 m/s2 7.0 m/s2
Uncertainty 1.5 m/s2

* Equivalent noise level/vibration level are calculated as the time-weighted energy total for noise/vibration levels under various working conditions with the following time distribution: 1/2 Idle, 1/2 racing.