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Hitachi High Capacity Lithium-ion Battery Series
  • Up To 2 Times Longer Runtime
  • *1
  • Same in size and weight
  • The same size and weight
  • Comparison of runtime per charge : 5.0Ah vs 4.0Ah vs 3.0Ah *1
  • [ Wood screws 4.0mm in dia. x 50mm in length, cedar ]
  • Comparison of runtime per charge
  • Longer Runtime
  • *1 :
  • The numbers in the chart may vary depending on the screwed material and operating conditions.
  • *2 :
  • In comparison with the model WH14DDL with BSL1430(3.0Ah).
  • *3 :
  • In comparison with the model WH18DDL with BSL1830(3.0Ah).
  • *4 :
  • A comparison between the model WH14DDL with BSL1450 (5.0Ah) and the model WH18DDL with BSL1830(3.0Ah).
Full Compatibility
  • Compatible with Our other 18V & 14.4V Slide Lithium-ion Batteries
  • Full Compatibility
  • Full Compatibility
  • *5 :
  • The batteries supplied may vary from country to country.
  • For Every Our 18V / 14.4V Slide Type Cordless Tool
Long Lifetime
  • Up to 1,500 cycles rechageable *6 through Multiplex Protection Circuit that prevents over-load, over-charge and over-discharge
  • A circuit board and battery cells of BSL1850
  • *6 :
  • Recharging cycles of BSL1850/BSL1450 with charger UC18YFSL. The recharging cycles during a battery life may vary according to discharging conditions.
5.0Ah and 2.5Ah Lithium-ion Battery Series Leaflet
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