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18V Cordless Framing Nailers

  • Lithium-ion Battery
  • Brushless Motor
  • Compatible Batteries
  • Movie
  • High driving performance
· Power*
Suitable to drive ring shank nails with highly efficient brushless motor and unique air spring drive system.

· Number of Nails per Charge*
The NR1890DBCL and NR1890DBRL cordless framing nailers drive up to 780 nails per charge with a 6.0Ah battery, up to 700 nails per charge with a 5.0Ah battery and up to 400 nails per charge with a 3.0Ah battery.
*It may vary depending on operating conditions, etc.
  • Lower running costs
No cost of gas cartridges means that the more the tool is used, the more cost-effective it will be.

Comparison of Total Cost*1
When you drive more than 10,300 nails, the total running cost will be lower than a gas nailer.
*1: Without the cost of nails.
*2: The numbers of total cost are relative values when the initial cost of competitor's gas framing nailer is indexed at 100.
*3: Electricity cost may vary depending on the area.
  • Ease of use with great comfort
Air Spring Drive System A unique air spring drive system that uses the compressed air sealed in the main unit brings various advantages of pneumatic technologies.
· Drives 1.5 to 2 nails per sec. with zero ramp-up time and quicker response time between drives.
· Offers low-recoil and sets nails flush consistently.
· No combustion noise and no gas fumes.
· Consistent performance even at low temperatures or high altitudes.*

*The operating environment for these products is between 0℃ and 40℃.
Low temperatures or high altitudes

Operation Panel Integrated Operation Panel with Push-button Switches allows users to select between full sequential mode* or contact mode, and check remaining battery power.

*The NR1890DBCL for New Zealand has only the Full sequential mode.

Adjuster Tool-less Depth of Drive Adjustment

Hook Integrated Hook

Dry-fire Lockout prevents nailer activation when the nail count is low.

  • Less maintenance
No gas means no need of regular cleanings of a combustion chamber that a gas nailer would require. The brushless motor is also low-maintenance due to no wearing parts.

Our Original Brushless Motor Technology

  • ► No wearing parts (carbon brushes, commutator, rotor coil)
  • ► Our original compact controller
  • Battery compatibility
The battery is compatible with all Our 18V slide-type Lithium-ion cordless tools.
  • For customers in the USA

Visit the USA website. Click each link below.


Model NR1890DBCL NR1890DBRL
Driving System Air Spring
Nail Length 50mm to 90mm
Driving Speed 1.5 to 2nails/sec. (Intermittent)
Loading capacity 47 nails 37 nails
Firing Mode Full sequential / Contact (Selectable)*1
Battery Voltage 18V
Dimensions (H x L x W) 342 x 309 x 127mm 342 x 342 x 137mm
Weight (Battery included) 4.8kg with BSL1860/BSL1850 4.9kg with BSL1850
4.5kg with BSL1830C
Standard Accessories *2 Charger (UC18YFSL or UC18YSL3) ,
2 Batteries (BSL1830C, BSL1850 or BSL1860), Battery Cover, Case (Stackable or Blow), Safety Glasses, Hex. Wrench
Charger (UC18YFSL) ,
2 Batteries (BSL1850), Battery Cover, Case (Stackable or Blow), Safety Glasses, Hex. Wrench

*1: The NR1890DBCL for New Zealand has only the Full sequential mode.
*2: Standard accessories vary by country or area.

Notify the transporting company that a package contains a lithium-ion battery, inform the company of its power output and follow the instructions of the transportation company when arranging transport.
- Lithium-ion batteries that exceed a power output of 100Wh are considered to be in the freight classification of Dangerous Goods and will require special application procedures.
- For transportation abroad, you must comply with international law and the rules and regulations of the destination country.

Applicable nail sizes

mm (in.)

For NR1890DBCL

Image of nail L 50(2) - 90(3-1/2)
d 2.9(.113) - 3.3(.131)
D 6.8(.266) - 7.7(.303)

For NR1890DBRL

Image of nail L 50(2) - 90(3-1/2)
d 2.9(.113) - 3.3(.131)
D 7.0(.286) - 7.6(.300)

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